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An interesting start to our brand new blog! A Slashdot posting, 54,000 visitors and 119 very mixed comments in 24 hours.

It seems we’ve provoked a rather heated debate on whether guerilla marketing should be considered spam. There have been some very insightful comments from lots of people; and it also seems a few Slashdot geeks are a little keen on our Jodie! (Sorry lads, she’s happily married!)

So is this spam? In our view, content that is interesting or useful, isn’t spam. For instance, the most highly rated video of all time on Youtube is an ad for condoms. The videos in positions 2, 3 and 4 are also ads — funny, entertaining ads, that people find interesting enough to tell their friends about.

Let’s get one thing straight – we hate spam as much as the next person. We gave this a lot of thought during our planning because we wanted to do something cool. The simple thing would have been to just create a large banner of our URL. How dumb would that have been! Eventually we decided on a giant eyeball for Swift City and a living billboard for Darwin Dating. I guess it’s up to the individual whether that’s interesting or not, but we thought it was fun, and we had a great time participating.

And your view on all of this? We read through all the comments on our blog and slashdot (thanks to you all) and 38 people were against what we did, while 60 people thought it was great (the rest of the comments didn’t have a definite opinion either way).

So will this happen again?  You bet!  If a small group of nobodies can get their message in front of 54,000 people for $1000, and have a lot of fun doing it, then other people will try.  Ironically it’s the fact that we’ve been accused of spamming that has brought this traffic and it’s the heated negative comments that are bringing us links.

Finally, if you are worried that we have spammed you by creating our eyeball, then please, if the pictures do eventually turn out, we urge you not to zoom all the way into a tiny, obscure part of an empty park in Sydney, Australia. You’ll be completely annoyed if you do! And you may be in luck anyway. As a number of people pointed out, it appears Google may not have flown over the park we were in until later in the day or not at all.

The Microsoft pictures are due out tomorrow. We’ll post as soon as we see them.

p.s. For the record, we recycled all of the paper after the event. (For those of you who live in Sydney, you’ll notice the recycling bin in the final picture.)

3 responses to “Slashdot Article

  1. Technically spam?

    Maybe not, but its still unwanted crap. People don’t look at a map to see a lame eyeball for cheap, unoriginal, self serving advertising for someone else. But yes, you might be right, its not ‘spam’. Keep up the good work…

  2. For the sake of fun

    Vandals break windows for fun. Guys get their teen girlfriends pregnant because they want to have fun. People kill others in auto accidents because they wanted to have fun at a at the bar.

    Now you didn’t do something that bad, but as long as you had ‘fun’. Having fun is quite the excuse to our actions these days.

    “but we thought it was fun, and we had a great time”

    Glad its all about you and your having fun.

  3. Funny… I really see no downside to what was done.

    Yes, they had fun. I surely would have joined them in their efforts, if I wasn’t some 7000-8000 miles away (by my guesses).

    No, it did not personally affect anyone, as the previous commenter tried to compare this event to. Nobody died, nobody got knocked up (an assumption here…) and surely nobody’s domicile was broken into.

    What was done was not bad. At least not with the comparison that the prior poster gave.

    -Brian from San Diego, CA, US

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