No Eye on Google or Microsoft :(

The Microsoft Australia Day photos have been posted here and unfortunately we were not included.  Google have updated their Australia Day page and due to air traffic control restrictions, they were unable to fly anywhere near Moore Park. 

That’s a shame, we would loved to have seen “the eye from the sky!”  However our end goal was to promote our sites and have some fun and we achieved both of those things (to a higher level than expected), so we are not overly disappointed.

Those who thought we were spamming Google Maps will be pleased.  It will be interesting to see if Google announce a flyover again.

We entered one of our eye photos in a Microsoft competition.  If you’d like to vote for it you can do so here.


One response to “No Eye on Google or Microsoft :(

  1. i would rather see a beautiful big eyeball and/or a lovely living wedded couple knowing that there were there at that moment. that is what photography, whether it is ambitious in nature, is for. it will be sadder to see how they manage to airbrush the melted glaciers and polluted waters that will be documented instead.

    very cool idea and impressively done.
    Spam comes in a can, really. i don’t see any cans of Spam or gorillas in your displays.

    what ARE people talking about these days;>

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