Google Maps Sydney Flyover

Yesterday was a very exciting day for Swift City. We heard on Tuesday that Google were going to be flying over Sydney on Australia Day (Friday) to take high resolution images for Google Earth/Maps. We thought, wow, given Google Maps is such an integral part of our site, what a great opportunity to get in the photo!

We had some very intense days of planning before finally deciding that Michael and Jodie would fly down from Brisbane to meet Mike and together we would make a giant eye to look back up at the plane and show the world that Swift City ‘has its eye on the world’. Ok, so that last bit is a bit corny. 🙂

Here are some pics from the day.

We got up at 4am to peg 2500 sheets of paper into the ground so that it would be seen by Google when they flew over to take pictures for Google Earth/Maps.


“Hooray, I’m so excited to be up at 4am!” NOT


Jodie seems well adjusted at this hour. She is a corporate lawyer after all. 😉


Shoe polish, the poor man’s paint.


Hmm, it’s dark, raining and we’ve had two hours sleep, maybe this isn’t a good idea after all?


Michael starts the eye. We used skewers to stake the A4 sheets into the ground.


Oh no!


Hooray, the sun is coming out!

Almost finished!



The all important sign.


Trouble afoot. The Park Ranger wants us to pack up and go. We can’t believe it, 5 hours work and $800 in flights from Brisbane is at stake. Thankfully he’s a nice guy and turns a blind ‘eye’.


As the ants saw it.


We also run a spoof dating website “For Attractive People Only” DarwinDating. So we figured we’d create an ad for that. Jodie and Michael dresed up in their wedding outfit under a large sign which read: ” We Met on P.S. We’re Hot”. Both statements are lies but we thought it would be fun!


A kindly homeless man helped us pack up.


We had a great day, lots of locals stopped by to see what we were up to. A friendly couple brought us coffee and another brought us sunscreen which we had forgotten! Steph and James sent through details of media agencies and we were interviewed on one of the major national radio stations, ABC Radio. Stephen Hutcheon of Sydney Morning Herald Mashup Blog fame stopped by for a chat and wrote about us that afternoon!

Microsoft were also sending a satellite over the park we were in to take photos. These should be released on Jan 30, so we’ll update the blog when those pics become available. The Google pictures are due out in mid-Feb.